Over several years of research, ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften) succeeded in developing a gentle cold extraction method that retains the flavours of the cocoa beans with unprecedented intensity: the enjoyment of chocolate takes on a new dimension.
The cocoa butter, cocoa powder, polyphenols (which includes the bitter compounds) and pure flavourings are individually precipitated to allow an unlimited variety of different chocolate creations.

With our technique, it is now possible to produce chocolate with high-percentage cocoa content, but no bitterness. 

By maintaining the wonderful aromas of the cocoa butter, our method also enables milk chocolate and white chocolate to be produced without the addition of non-cocoa flavourings (vanillin, etc.). 

In 2014 Oro de Cacao AG obtained the rights to the technique from ZHAW and further developed it for industrial applications with a worldwide patent.
Dieter Meier
Marcin Niedzielski


Using modern process technologies (wet milling, centrifugal separation, the latest drying methods), we revive the ancient Mayan tradition of cold-processing unroasted cocoa beans: 
  • Gentle processing of the beans at consistently low temperatures.
  • Cost-efficient, direct separation into naturally aromatic cocoa butter (non-deodorised), mild cocoa powder, concentrated polyphenol extract and natural cocoa essences.
  • The separation into cocoa components makes it possible to roast cocoa powder without destroying the valuable, heat-sensitive cocoa substances.
  • Water acts as a transporter for desirable cocoa components (polyphenols, aromas) as well as a filter against unfavourable elements (e.g. acetic acid, heavy metals).


Our revolutionary new technique opens up new opportunities in the production of chocolate as well as in the utilisation of natural cocoa components.


  • Premium dark chocolate – Highly aromatic flavour profiles become possible with clear distinctions among the source countries of the cocoa beans. The retention of the natural aromas of the cacao fruit in combination with significantly reduced bitterness and acid leads to new experiences in the pleasures of chocolate.
  • Mild high-percentage chocolate – Even when increasing the cocoa content to eighty or ninety percent, the resulting chocolate remains exceptionally mild thanks to the extraction process. There is no longer a need to balance out bitterness and acidity with sugar.
  • White chocolate – In the standard industrial process utilised up to now, white chocolate had to be produced with odourless and tasteless cocoa butter. Cold extraction facilitates the production and use of natural cocoa butter while preserving the subtly complex flavours of the cocoa fruit. As a result, even white chocolate can now be differentiated according to the country of origin.
  • «Raw chocolate» that also tastes good – With our innovative extraction technique, cold processing and the associated conservation of valuable, heat-sensitive components (e.g. polyphenols) no longer come at the cost of the rich roasted aromas that are so indispensable to the taste of fine chocolate.


Further areas of potential innovation include naturally aromatic cocoa-based beverages. The cold extraction makes it possible to transfer high levels of polyphenols, theobromine, caffeine as well as other valuable substances from the cocoa bean into the beverage.


Fundamentally different from standard methods, our unique processing technique opens up a wide variety of applications for the food industry. The individual natural components extracted from the cacao fruit serve as valuable and in some cases functional ingredients.



7. Dezember 2017

«Der Tausendsassa macht jetzt auch Schokolade. Natürlich nicht irgendeine. Mit seinem Patent will er den Weltmarkt erobern.»

5. Dezember 2017

«Am 7. Dezember eröffnete Dieter Meier seine erste Schokoladen-Boutique in der Zürcher Innenstadt.»

4. Dezember 2017

«Dieter Meier macht nicht nur in Musik, Wein und Fleisch. Im November eröffnet er in Zürich einen Laden, in dem er seine eigene Schoggi verkauft.»

1. Januar 2017

«Für die Schokoladeindustrie wird das eine Revolution»

27. August 2016

«Seit 10 Jahren produziert Dieter Meier erfolgreich Bio-Rindfleisch in Argentinien, jetzt steigt er ins Schokoladengeschäft ein. 25 Millionen Franken investiert er in eine neue Fabrik.»