• Oro de Cacao Flagship Store

Shop: Münsterhof 4, 8001 Zurich

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am to 6:30pm
Saturday: 11am to 6pm


Oro de Cacao Manufactury: Wühre 15, 8001 Zurich

Oros at Oro de Cacao

Catch a glimpse into our Manufactury and spot our talented team preparing handcrafted chocolate creations.


General enquiries: info@orodecacao.com
Press enquiries: press@orodecacao.com

In addition to our tablets, you can buy airbrush pralines and other handcrafted chocolate masterpieces exclusively in our store.

Place of production

Oro de Cacao AG
Schwerzistrasse 34
8807 Freienbach