Dieter Meier at Oro de Cacao

The Chocolate Revolution

The rich flavours of our chocolate come 100% from the cocoa bean. We don’t add any additional flavourings and create a fully aromatic, fruity, Fairtrade and organic certified chocolate that isn’t dominated by bitterness - even with a high cocoa content.

In the traditional chocolate industry, the natural aroma of the cocoa bean almost completely evaporates due to high temperatures during the conventional roasting and conching process. That's why flavour components, such as vanilla and high amounts of sugar (up to 60%) must be added for flavouring and as flavour carriers.

Thanks to our worldwide patented extraction process, we separate 4 pure elements from the cocoa bean and thus compose our unique products: from white to 82% dark chocolate without any bitterness.

The Four Elements

four elements
  1. Cacao butter
  2. Cacao powder
  3. Cacao polyphenol
  4. Flavour components

100% single origin, 100% natural flavours, highest quality

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